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Catering to an elite clientele with demanding lifestyles, my clients expect nothing less than hair solutions that can seamlessly transition from beach days to the stage . They desire extensions that defy detection, blending flawlessly with their natural hair, and are truly lifestyle-proof.

Balancing the demands of home life,  while also commanding the stage as an R&B legend, my client Tamia required hair that could seamlessly transition between both worlds. During her downtime, she stays active, playing tennis and working out, necessitating a style that can easily be tied up or braided. Yet, on tour, it's all about full glam. We needed a solution that was safe, long-lasting, and easy to manage. Enter our tailored approach: quality hair extensions that effortlessly adapt to Tamia's lifestyle. 

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"I have had all types of hair styles all types of extensions but never anything as close to real as the extensions The Beauty Smith provided. The service is one of a kind very personal experience. Everyone’s hair is different as far as texture and color. She understood what I needed and what I wanted without that much discussion. It was an all in one service, worry free! 

Working with beauty
was one of the best invesments

Beauty has been my go-to stylist since 2017, and with each visit, her expertise shines brighter. From flawless hair extensions to personalized advice, she never fails to impress. Her warm demeanor and professionalism make every salon experience a joy. I highly recommend Beauty to anyone seeking top-notch service and stunning results!

i would 10/10 recommend working with BEAUTY

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hands down, this has been a game changer for my HAIR

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A multifaceted salon specializing in color, extensions, and transformative looks. Our expertise extends to being extension specialists, particularly adept at addressing hair loss concerns. With a focus on crafting personalized and impactful transformations.








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